Everyone should really know these 12 computer tricks

You just want to save a certain section on your computer as a screenshot, quickly reopen the last closed tab of the browser or clear your cache in a flash? We have 12 computer tricks and tips that everyone should know.

1 Tailor-made screenshots with the Snipping Tool

Screenshots are taken quickly, but often you only want to capture a certain section. Of course, the screenshot can be quickly edited and adapted in appropriate image processing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or IrfanView. It is easier to record only the part that is to be used. The snipping tool is used for this purpose. Simply search for “Snipping Tool” using the Windows search, open it and select the desired section before recording.

2. Repeat last entry in Excel at the push of a button

Excel has become an integral part of everyday working life. It is helpful if you can make working with the software a little easier. To do this, simply press the F4 key and your last command will be repeated. Example: You give a line the color blue. Now you can simply select any other lines and press F4 to add a blue line to these fields. It couldn’t be faster!

3. Copy files by drag and drop

You want to quickly copy a file on your computer? That this works with the right mouse button or with the combination Control + C is probably common knowledge. But did you know that drag and drop works the same way? To do this, click on the desired file and hold it down while holding down the Control key. Then you can simply move the file, the system will automatically make a copy.

4. Reverse image search made easy

In Google Chrome, inverted image search works with just a few clicks. So if you want to know where the image still appears all over the net or if there are possibly higher resolution offshoots of it, this goes as follows: Simply press and hold the S button and click on the desired design. It couldn’t be easier or faster.

5. Useful shortcuts for YouTube videos

If you like watching videos on YouTube, you may have noticed that you can pause the clip using the space bar – provided you have already clicked around in the video before. This works better if you simply press the letter K instead of the space bar to pause a YouTube video. If you want to rewind for 10 seconds, press the J key, 10 seconds forward works with L.

6. Reopen last closed tab

Everyone should know that: You have several tabs open in the browser, surf back and forth and suddenly it happened – and a browser tab quickly closed by mistake. Of course, in this case you can reopen the tab with a few clicks using the toolbar of your browser. But you can do this even faster with this key combination: press Control + Shift + T simultaneously and the last closed tab is opened again.

7. Move window in Windows with arrow keys

Easily move an open Windows window? Hold down the Windows key and press one of the four arrow keys to move the window. If you work with several monitors, you must also hold down the shift key if you want the window to move to the other display.

8. Empty browser cache easily

The cache of the browser should be cleared from time to time, as otherwise a lot of unnecessary data garbage accumulates. Hold down Control + Shift + R to clear your cache.

9. Protect your computer with a simple key combination

You need to get away quickly, but don’t want to leave your computer unprotected? Then press the Windows key together with the letter L, and you will immediately find yourself in the Windows login menu. Of course, this is only effective if you have also assigned a password for your Windows account.

10. Mouse wheel opens links in new tab

Did you know that? If you want to open a link in a new tab, simply click on the mouse wheel in the middle and the page opens in a new tab.

11. Use browser as simple editor

The browser as a simple text editor? Nothing could be easier. Just copy the following code into the address bar of your browser: data:text/html, <title>Text Editor</title><body contenteditable style=”font-size:2rem;font-family:georgia;line-height:1.4;max-width:60rem;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;”>

12. Zooming in the browser

The text or image of a website is too small for you? Then you can easily zoom in and out by pressing +. If you want to zoom out again, this works with control and -. To restore the default view, press Control in combination with the digit 0.